Electronic Lights @ Messe Sindelfingen

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This weekend is the first time the Electronic Lights-Event instead of. As the venue Messe Sindelfingen was selected. The organizers promise a funky and unique lighting- and laser show. There are other Cosmic Gate, Moguai and Woody of Eyden standing on the decks! We have compiled for you a short and compact, the most important information:

messe sindelfingen

On 07.03.2015 be in the Messe Sindelfingen the gates from 20:30 Clock open. Tickets can be ordered on the website of Events. From 22-5 Clock will make the following DJs for Best Music:


Cosmic Gate
Woody of Eyden
Eric SSL

*Price *

Standard: 29,50 Euro

Deluxe: 49,50 Euro (Access to your own wardrobe, Private bar, Deluxe area on the gallery)

…there is also from 3 Persons the possibility of a VIP Tickets (own table in the VIP area with waiter)

More on: www.electronic-lights.com

electronic lights



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