Flashback Friday: Hour & Spoon’s Hands On Yello – You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess – Great Mission

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In our column "Flashback Friday" we look back to days gone by Trance. Today you write Daywalker to: Hour & Spoon’s Hands On Yello – You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess – Great Mission.

“In den Clubs war der Track damals ein waaahnsiiinns Brett… especially the break was / is in absolutely great club atmosphere… short silence, and then this increase continues, then “fully to your ears” to get. Soooo cool… btw. for the facilities of a club, this track was a real challenge, because the bass briefly sooooo goes deep in some places in the basement, that it brings problems to vibrate windows only by the sound pressure (experienced myself).”

great mission

So what do we know about this track.. He is old. 20 Year old, to be exact. On 1. May 1995 he was Urban Records releast. In the charts, he was 17 Represented weeks, its highest placement was, however, “the only” Space 28.

Today I have not yet run track for the first time, while I have been drumming Daywalkers text, but now I'm really very excited, it also?!

Well then let us a listen (the “Uff the 12 mix” by the way Daywalkers Lieblingsmix):

HOURS & SPOON’S HANDS ON YELLO – You gotta say… of emilgreg76
Now I can absolutely understand what he means. And I can imagine, that about you as well! Already in Break a voltage is developed, the almost unbearable, and then BAM there it is. Really managed.

Should you this bit in the tooths like slices, I can recommend to you to look again at Mixcloud and there Daywalkers Extreme Classics-Show nachzuhören.

By the way: It can also be found other DJs of trance streams on Mixcloud – you clicked it out by!

He had also been again, der Flashback Friday… let's see, what to expect next time!

Ye also here, when once again: Flashback Friday – we look back to days gone by Trance….

By the way: Daywalkers Show “Deep Down in Trance” listening to her every Tuesday from 20 Clock on www.RauteMusik.FM/Trance.




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