Paul van Dyk on tour in Germany

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From Thursday PaulvanDyk traveling in Germany. Are you doing well in one of his performances?! Three cities you have to choose from: Hamburg, Augsburg and Cologne or are you waiting until the 02. May, because then Paul will also be seen in Friedrichshafen and hear his.

The Tour:

Paul van Dyk Deutschlandtour

Since good 20 Years traveling Paul van Dyk already been carried through the whole world and inspires still more and more people of his music and his person. The DJ & Producer has already numerous “Title” and “Prices” cleared. He was, for example, resulted in the world's best DJ twice 2005 and 2006 chosen.

He is considered one of the best known and most successful DJs. When Matthias Paul, he was 1971 born in Eisenhüttenstadt. He began his career 1991 and since there is no end to the success seen. The worldwide breakthrough came 1998 with “For An Angel” – what matters for many trance DJs to their favorite titles today.

Have you ever experienced Paul van Dyk live?! What are your favorite tracks of the German DJs?! We are looking forward to your answers!

By the way: Paul would be for weeks at his home performances. Nachzulesen auf seinen Social-Media-Seiten bei Twitter & Facebook.





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