School’s Out Festival

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The Great School's Out festival tour!

Anyone who has ever Bock at 30 Degree to go to school? Exactly: No One! Soon everything is finally over and the school can you times. Up in the morning? Ready, maybe someday…

It comes to something big on you: The main Schools Out Festival, ever staged in Your City! Thousands of students from various schools in the region will be on site and have only one goal: Celebrate! A real open-air festival with fat Stage, DJs from the cities to six hours finest festival Sounds! “Party hard place bum in the park!”

Be there and you are applying under with your level:


Cash for you!

You heard correctly, your level earned on each ticket, they sold. To two euros to be exact! And the risk of the organizer. The money remains 100% with you – no small print, Fake. Apply now with your school or your level and become part of the largest Schools-out event in the city:

What have ye / Benefits for schools?

– no risk or cost to the school
– Responsibility lies with the organizer
– Execution of the event by the organizers / No expense
– no stress during the event – you can enjoy a lively party
– 2 Euro for Ticket, which was sold through the school
– Payment of participation before the event
– central organization of the application by the organizer
– large cooperative- and media
– experienced festival organizers



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