RauteMusik trance will be three years old!

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Happy Birthday to US, Happy Birthday to US! Yes, are you listening to right and that's no April Fool's joke: RauteMusik-Trance is now three years old,!

On 01.04.2012 was our transmitter and then 16. Awakened divisions Channel to life and has since also become indispensable! With actions such as the Music Marathon and 24 smaller special programs, such as the Extreme Classics and the planned Easter Special – jaaaa!!! on Saturday there from 15 What clock on the spoon – The team tries to offer you is always something new.


As part of the #Musik.Trance-Teams I can tell you, that there is a team, in which one feels very comfortable. Each has its peculiarities, everyone has their advantages and all in all we can rely on each other and like to go for YOU to show.

Today, there's a full program – spontaneously, because we are just:

From 15.30 to 17.30 there the Maestro300 on the ears, followed by Female@Work, of the 17.30 to 20 Clock is responsible for the program's and your ears.

Tonight from 20-22 Clock is a “RauteMusik veteran”, namely your KirkSeith a bit celebrate with you and then Daywalker & Jassy end the day with you. Insofar as it is time job and the chances are good, that perhaps one or the other DJ also goes OnAir, around a bit to celebrate with you the birthday.

So stay tuned… Your #Musik.Trance-Team





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