Flashback Friday: Robert Miles – Children

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In our column "Flashback Friday" we look back to days gone by Trance. Today we put you “Robert Miles – Children” his heart.
Robert Miles was 1969 Born the son of Italian immigrants, but the 1979 again went back to Italy. In his hometown, he worked as a DJ, and consequently fell on, that he replaced the then little-known styles, ambient and drum and bass in the discos. In this direction Miles then developed his own music, which he had compiled in the studio at the computer.

Soon he enjoyed high reputation among musicians, and after moving to London, there was even a business contact with Madonna. From England he then managed, the dreamy trance sound, which was considered soon by the music industry with the slogan Dream House, in the music charts in the world. Above all, his debut single “Children” managed 1996 high in the charts in several countries. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, she came up to place 1.

The track is timeless and each, perhaps just can not do anything with the name, says “But jaaaaa”, once the single starts. This track is played much today – actually a medal for Robert Miles, which unfortunately was not able to repeat this success crashing quite.

Yet: Who has not heard, you missed something, I am convinced that. So there's of course again the sound sample … naaaa, is the “But jaaaa”-Effect also with you?

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