Flashback Friday: Taleamus – Closed Gates

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In our column "Flashback Friday" we look back to days gone by Trance. Today is about Taleamus and his brilliant track “Closed Gates”.

Marko Siren, the Taleamus called and comes from Finland, brought this track 2010 out. Coinciding with smoking-hot remixes, he stormed the “Plattenkoffer” go DJs, who like to hang Uplifting Trance. For me, he ran for weeks and longer almost in an infinite loop, where I hardly between the original mix and the “Running Man’s Fifth Dimension Mix” could decide. Both amazing and definitely will decorate any Uplifting Trance Collection!

Taleamus had some successful, yet not “labeled” Releases in 2006 and 2007 – from 2009 he released tracks at Blue Trance Records and various other labels such as Defcon Recordings, Digital Insomnia Recordings and other.

It has unfortunately become a little quiet around him – but if you look at his musical Vita so, there was every now and then pauses 1-2 Years, until he reappeared with a hammer track on the scene. So we hope for the best!

To “Baiting” Compare and you will get here the links to two, of me favorite versions. I would of course be interested in, which you like best, and ideally also, warum 🙂

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