On 1. April 2012 launched the total 16. Channel of RauteMusik.FM. With #Musik.Trance closes the web radio platform an existing gap in their offer. The channel #Musik.Club, of the genre Trance, Vocaltrance and uplifting so far served, can now completely specialize in the areas of dance and hands-up. The new trance channel launched on 1. April with a day peak of nearly 340 simultaneous listeners very confident and forward-looking.

The Internet radio RauteMusik.FM was in the year 2003 founded and has since then developed into Europe's largest online radio. About 300 Members make daily, that the best music of the past and the hits from the current charts via the Web radio can be sent around the clock.

Radio presenters, DJs, Programmer, Graphic designers and copywriters take care of Internet radio with its 12 Interest channels. Because on RauteMusik.FM really comes every music fan at its expense: Chart Hits of, about rock, Metal, Progressive House, Trance, Techno and Dubstep up to Oriental, A matching Web radio stream is really for every music lover hit and a Christmas channel. All day, an 7 Days per week, sends the Internetradio RauteMusik the hits from the current top 100 as well as classics and evergreens from different genres. Everything, what is needed, to listen to the radio online, is a computer or Smartphone with Internet access.

In times of iPhones and other smartphones you need to hear Internet radio no longer only about the normal Media Player: RauteMusik offers his listeners some apps for mobile devices and social networks to. So you can enjoy your favorite music online radio fans - no matter, where you just stay. Even in the car need no longer be dispensed on the Web radio of his confidence: With the RauteMusik car radio USB stick you can receive over his car radio with USB port Internet radio and control via the car radio.

You have the Online Radio is a great song and now want to know, what's his name? No problem: On the website of the Internet radio, you can find playlists for all streams and broadcasts, the constantly updated. So you can find out in the blink of an eye, from which artist or band just played the song was.

If you are waiting for your current favorite song for hours, are you the radio- Moderators even send a message: Simply fill out the online form and our moderators will play your request as quickly as possible in the Internet radio. Of course you can also use the online radio friends, Greet colleagues and other Internet radio listeners. Also the above mentioned form is available on our Web site.

In RauteMusik forum to our listeners also can exchange: Registered Web radio fans can in our forum the current music program, Radio broadcasts, DJ mixes, as well as of all imaginable topics of this world online discussions. Best You register today and become a member of our Internet Radio Community. Maybe you even want, Actively designing our Web radio station to participate in you - whether as moderator, DJ, Programmer, Web designer or copywriter. Because RauteMusik.FM - this is much more than just an online radio.

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